2019 Presidents Outstanding Chapter Award (POCA) and Presidents Outstanding Branch Award (POBA)

Subject: 2019 Presidents Outstanding Chapter and Branch Award Guidelines

Purpose:  To outline alternate POCA and POBA submission and voting procedures

Due to the alternative scheduling of the 2019 CPOA/CGEA National Convention to accommodate proper tribute to the CPOA 50th Anniversary, the Board of Directors have put the following guidelines to recognize the 2019 POCA and POBA.  All Chapters and Branches who wish to put forth a submission for voting consideration of the 2019 POCA and POBA awards shall follow the below guidelines and dates.  Submission and voting procedures are altered to digital submission and voting.   The adapted timelines are as follows:

Period of award consideration: 01 JUL 2018 – 30 JUN 2019

Submission Deadline:  31 JUL 2019

Voting Period (Altered):  01 AUG 2019 – 21 AUG 2019

Winner Announced:  31 AUG 2019

All POCA and POBA award packages must be submitted through the digital submission link or email that will be available on our website at www.uscgcpoa.org/2019POCAPOBA.  The link will be made available no later than 15 JUN 19.  A link will also be published via email and promoted on the CPOA and CGEA National Facebook pages, when available.  Following the submission deadline, instructions will be published for voting procedures.  Each Chapter will be given the opportunity to submit one vote on their membership’s behalf for the POCA and each branch will be given the opportunity to submit one vote on their membership’s behalf for the POBA.

Chapters and branches are highly encouraged to review award guidelines via the following links:

CPOA:  https://www.uscgcpoa.org/resources/operations-manual/

CGEA:  https://www.uscgcpoa.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/CGEAMANUAL2017.pdf

Thank you again for all you do, and I am so proud to work alongside each of you every day.

Jon Ostrowski, National President