Chief Petty Officers Association: The CG Foundation (CGF) may authorize members of the CPOA or CGEA acting in their personal (off-duty and non-CG) capacity to assist eligible CG members of a defined class to complete a disaster relief application; to serve as a verifying official of damages incurred or to serve as a point of distribution for CGF aid. Additionally, members of the CPOA or CGEA may engage in fundraising as authorized by the CG Standards of Ethical conduct and described in the Playbook, including soliciting gifts from non-prohibited sources; and accept gifts on behalf of the CPOA and CGEA, including unsolicited gifts from prohibited sources. The Playbook describes best practices on gift acceptances and employment of retired CPOA members. CG active duty members (preferably senior enlisted members), acting in their official capacity, may provide factual information to allow the CGF or CPOA to make an assessment regarding a beneficiary.

The Playbook for Supporting Organizations can be found here.


Information on Disaster Relief Grants due to Hurricane Laura and Sally can be found here. 

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