Form a Branch

Forming a Branch (Chapter 3 of CGEA Procedures Manual)

Establishment of a CGEA Branch will be in accordance with the following procedures utilizing the petition form contained in Enclosure 2 to CGEA Procedures Manual.

1. No less than 10 members of the CGEA, in a geographical area, may petition to the CPOA National Officers for a CGEA Branch Charter. However, an exception may be made based on concentration of personnel within that geographical area. An exception may be made on a case by case basis.

2. Prior to the actual signing and forwarding of the petition, some basic procedures must be followed.

a. At a meeting of interested people it must be determined that there are at least 10 potential members. However, these people are not required to be members until the application process is completed. Applicants will then forward their membership applications along with petitions for a charter.

b. The officers for the Branch shall be identified by the potential Branch: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The position of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined. All Pro-Tem officers shall hold their titles and conduct Association business accordingly until the installation of the Branch.

c. The name of the new Branch will be determined by the members and should be easily identifiable with the geographical location of the Branch. (i.e. The Golden Gate Branch).

d. The petition package shall be forwarded to the CGEA National President. Along with an enclosure listing prospective members. The package will be reviewed and forwarded to the National CPOA for final approval.

e. The CGEA National President will contact the Pro-Tem President and arrange for the official installation of the Branch. Within ninety days of the Charter approval the President Pro- Tem will notify the CGEA National President of the official ceremonial arrangements.

f. Preservation of the non-profit status of the CGEA is mandatory. The Executive Director will obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN #) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).