Shoreline Inn & Conference Center

CPOA/CGEA Convention To Be Held in
Muskegon/Grand Haven, MI
August 2021 During Coast Guard Festival Week!

We’re all sad to have missed out on our Seattle Convention this year but we’re hoping to make up for it by scheduling our 2021 Convention at the Shoreline Inn & Conference Center, Muskegon, MI, during the 2021 Coast Guard Festival. Just minutes away from Grand Haven, we’ll be able to conduct our business 2 – 5 August and attend the Coast Guard Festival main activities 6th & 7th of August.  Make it a family event and ensure to enjoy all that Grand Haven has to offer, and enjoy the Festival as well!

National Convention Committee Chairman
CWO2 Amy Ponce (Ret)


Note: After completing your registration,  you will receive an email with a reduced rate hotel room booking link.

Be sure to check if flying into Grand Rapids (GRR) is cheaper. 

Transportation from Grand Rapids to our Hotel options:


All members in good standing have the right to speak on the Convention floor and vote on issues brought before the Assembly. The USCG CPOA Operations Manual states that a quorum at an Annual Convention consists of a majority of those members in good standing in attendance.

Members wishing to dedicate this Convention to an individual, group, etc., shall petition the National President for approval. Once approved, the National Office will be directed to notify everyone concerned and prepare presentation certificates.

The tentative schedule for this year’s Convention can be found below.

Resolutions to Amend the By Laws and Motions to Amend the Operations Manual, as well as the Proposed 2021 Association Budget, will appear in the July 2021 edition of “The Chief”.”

2021 Convention Resources & Downloads

The deadline to submit Resolutions to the By Laws / Motions to Amend the OpsMan to the National Office were due 13 April.


2021 CALL TO CONVENTION Permissive Orders
Letter from the President Letter from the Chairman
Presidents Outstanding Chapter Award Form

Form for submission

CPOA 2021 President’s Outstanding Chapter Letter to Chapter Presidents

If you have an advertisement for the Convention Magazine, be sure to e-mail it to Amy Ponce prior to 15 June 2021.

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