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Guidance from National:

Chapter and Branch leadership,

   As it appears evident that the Coast Guard will not be paid during this coming pay-cycle.  Many have asked how they can help, and for guidance on how to proceed in order to help those in need.  We’ve put together a few bullets:

  • We are a non-profit Association, not affiliated with the Coast Guard.
  • We can raise money and distribute as needed as long as we work under the umbrella of the CPOA or CGEA.
  • When working as an Association member, it’s best if you’re not in uniform.
  • There has been CG leadership guidance capping donations from some entities to $20.  If you are not in uniform, working as an Association member, providing donations to CG families not on base or in uniform, there is no limitations on what you can donate or provide.
  • All donations provided must be Chapter or Branch property or funds.  All donations should be agreed upon by your Chapter or Branch prior to dissemination.  

Here’s a recent determination from Coast Guard Legal in New London.

“There is an exception in the federal ethics regulations that allows federal employees to accept gifts such as gift cards/cash as you describe below (this is also the analysis we use for things like the CGF Fallen Hero’s Fund).  5 CFR 2635.204(c)(2)(iii) provides that a federal employee can accept a gift from a non-federal entity provided that the non-federal entity is not a prohibited source and that the non-federal entity does not define the class of eligible recipients of the gift based on official responsibility or in a manner that favors those of higher rank.  The CPOA is not a prohibited source.  Thus, so long as the CPOA has not defined the class of eligible recipients of the gift cards/cash in a way that discriminated based on official responsibility or in a manner that favors those of higher rank, which from the below it is clear the CPOA has not, then I would advise that CG members may accept such gifts from the CPOA”.

 There’s a lot of confusion, fear, and frustration out there…please know that we are working hard with Coast Guard leadership and Congress to not only get us paid as soon as possible, but to ensure we never have to go through this again in the future.

 Kind regards…thank you for all you do!

Very respectfully, 

Jon Ostrowski
National President



Looking to reach out and help???  We have over a hundred of Chapters and Branches that could ABSOLUTELY use your assistance.  Please feel free to find one close to you and reach out to them directly.


FAQs about Lapse in Appropriations


Good Afternoon Shipmates, 

Below is information regarding the Empowerment Center (Foodbank) set up at Base Boston as well as info on the financial assistance program the American Legion is offering. I have also included the Chaplin’s contact info if a member is in need of support. 

Please know the CPOA has received offers of financial support from the community as well. Please reach out to your Chief if you would like further information to explore the evolving support options that are rolling in.  The local Boston Chapter of the CPOA has established a “Donation Committee” to help accommodate these requests. 

Please feel free to share this link/info with your shipmates in an effort to reach as many members as possible. 

I will remain hopeful that our pay does arrive on time, but in the meantime take care and let’s hope the most we have to take from this situation is the experience of our local community and Coast Guard family coming together to support one another during these uncertain times. 

Very Respectfully, 

Lindsey A. Cole
Bay State Branch


American Legion Grant

Coast Guard Enlisted Association BAY STATE BRANCH