YN1 Nicholas Krupa

Prospected Nominee: YN1 Nicholas J. Krupa

Position applying for: Treasurer

Enlisted Branch Name: Elizabeth City Branch


Positions Held:

Branch President- San Juan Caribbean Branch – 2014-2016

Branch Treasurer- Elizabeth City Branch – present


CGEA Accomplishments:

Completed petition and process for forming the San Juan Caribbean Branch in Puerto Rico. Voted as branch’s first president.

Organized the renovation of a schoolroom at a school in old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Put up shelving, new dry wall, and new chalkboards and supplied the classroom with school supplies.

Coordinated a fundraiser to create a college fund for fellow coastguardsman’s children after he passed away in a car accident.


Unit History: 2007-2009 CG Stant Kenosha, WI, 2009 YN A school TRACEN Petaluma, 2009-2013 USCG Headquarters, Washington, DC, 2013-2016 Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2016-2017 CGC Hollyhock, Port Huron, MI, Presently Air Station Elizabeth City, NC


Military Awards: 3 Coast Guard Achievement Medals, 2 Commandant’s Letter of Commendation Ribbons, CG Unit Commendation, CG Meritorious Unit Commendation, 6 CG Meritorious Team Commendations, 3 CG Good Conduct Medals, CG Sea Service Ribbon, CG Overseas Service Ribbon, CG

Special Ops Ribbon, Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal. National Defense Medal, CG Pistol Marksman Ribbon


Convention History: 2014 Convention, Norfolk, VA, 2015 Convention, Oklahoma City, OK.


Goals for National CGEA: To continue promoting the growth of the CGEA by teaching junior enlisted personnel the missions and goals of the association.   Maintaining the partnership with our local branches of our association throughout the Coast Guard and the CPOA to sustain the good works we provide that benefit our shipmates, units and our local communities.


Why do you feel you are a good candidate for the applied position?

I am qualified for this position due to my experience and knowledge of managing funds, budgeting while assigned as the treasurer of my local branch and personal experience with budgeting, and finance management software would be a great asset to this office. My interactions with the national officers allowed me to understand the requirements of this position and everything it entails. This post would allow me to highlight CGFEA accomplishments through social media as the association media chairperson to bring credit to the great works our branches do for our shipmates, units and local communities. I take immense pride in the mission of the CGEA and if elected will work tirelessly to represent you to the best of my abilities.