YN2 Laurin Malone

Prospected Nominee: Laurin Malone

Position applying for: National Vice President

Enlisted Branch Name: Golden Gate Branch

Positions Held: Golden Gate Branch President, National CGEA Secretary


CGEA Accomplishments:

Spouses Appreciation Luncheon Coordinator 2013/2014

Scouting For Food- Alameda Food Bank Coordinator 2014/2015/2017

Base Alameda Children’s Holiday Party 2013/2014/2015

Base Alameda Harvest Festival CGEA Haunted Hallway 2014/2015

Convention Fundraising 2012/2013/2014/2015

CGEA Lucky Bag

Valentine’s Day Singing Grams

Roses for Vets

Coast Guard Day Food Booth 2014/2015

Meet & Greet Membership Drives


Unit History:

CGC Jarvis                Honolulu, HI              2010-2011

PSSU Honolulu         Honolulu, HI              2011-2012

Base Alameda            Alameda, CA             2012-2016

Base LA/LB               Long Beach, CA        2016-2017

PACAREA (11)        Alameda, CA             Present


Military Awards:

CG Achievement Medal in lieu of second

CG Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon in lieu of second

CG Meritorious Team Commendation Ribbon in lieu of fifth

CG Commandant Letter of Commendation Ribbon in lieu of second

National Defense Service Medal

Air Force NCO PME Graduate Ribbon

CG Good Conduct Medal in lieu of second


Convention History:

2017 Louisville, KY

2016 Las Vegas, NV

2015 Oklahoma City, OK

2014 Norfolk, VA

2013 Houston, TX


Goals for National CGEA:

My goals for the National CGEA is to continue to grow our membership. By growing our membership we continue to grow relationships within our service and our communities. I plan to continue to push networking with each other and exchanging ideas and successes within each branch. I want to encourage our branches to get involved within our communities by exchanging community service ideas and volunteer events other branches have hosted. By spreading the word through our social media and email announcements, we can find ways to support our members, our branch, and our communities strengthening our relationships within our Coast Guard and local communities.


Why do you feel you are a good candidate for the applied position?

I feel I would be a good candidate for this position because I have been an active member and participant of the CGEA for over 5 years. I started off as a CGEA member of the Golden Gate Branch in Alameda, CA and before I knew it, I was the CGEA President of the Golden Gate Branch. After attending two National CPOA/CGEA Conventions, I decided I wanted to put in for National Secretary because I wanted to make a difference that would affect all of the CGEA not just my local branch. I am ready to continue to devote my time towards the positive work we have done and continue with the plans and ideas we have started. Being the National Secretary has helped me to adjust to the by-laws and build relationships with junior and senior members of the CGEA and CPOA. Aside from my experience as a National Officer, I have an array of administrative and organizational skills to bring to the table. As the National Vice President, I will be able to continue with my passion for the CGEA and put hard work and effort into the growing success of the CGEA.